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Welcome Miruchoi !014:32, 27 November 2018

Welcome Miruchoi !

Welcome to you !

In the name of all wikiminauts, I would like to welcome you to Wikimini and to thank you for creating your account !

This is your discussion page. Other wikiminauts can leave messages here if they need to talk to you.

[-sMiLeY-] On Wikimini, anyone can improve the content of the encyclopedia. So don't hesitate to complete, correct ou create articles about subjets you're interested in ! → Ideas to participate · (ideas for the adults).

Point-d'interrogation.png If you're lost, start by reading the help pages. You can also ask questions in the forum. And don't forget that you can write your personal page to introduce yourself !

Thank you for your participation, and see you soon ! [-sMiLeY-]

CharlieFierro (talk)14:32, 27 November 2018
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