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Create new articles

You don't know what to do?
As long as you respect the rules, you can create articles about nearly anything.

If you don't have any ideas, you can consult Wikimini's list of most wanted articles. You might find subjects you know well or you want to learn about. You can also see the list of articles that every encyclopedia should have. A lot of those haven't yet been written for Wikimini.

Improve existing articles

Chief editor Wikiboo
You will often discover articles that can be improved. So don't hesitate to edit them!

Wikimini's premise is that anyone can participate!

How to improve an article?

You can always improve the quality of an article. Here are some ideas:

  • correct inaccurate informations or adding info;
  • share a link to an interesting website;
  • create links to other articles;
  • insert images or a video;
  • correct English mistakes;
  • improve the formatting;
  • ...

Where can I find articles to improve?

By reading exisiting articles, you will probably find some! Otherwise, here are some ideas: :

Also, Wikimini's articles of the moment :

Wikimini:Articles of the moment/List

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