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Bg-pin.gif Wikimini is an encyclopedia ; it is used to explain things. You can also share your knowledge by writing articles on what you like or know.
Bg-pin.gif This page is a translation of the article "Wikimini:Nouvel article" in Wikimini in french
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I am the wikiboo journalist
To start a new article, write its name below
 - Do NOT put a determinant (a, the, ...)
 - Check spelling !!!

Additional tips

Plural or singular ?

Usually, always in singular.

Example :   Giraffe Correct   and not   Giraffes Incorrect

Exceptions : Nouns that are always used in the plural (ex: United States, West Indies, glasses, scissors, etc.)

Determinant or not determinant ?

Usually, always WITHOUT determinant.

Example :   Giraffe Correct   and not   The giraffe Incorrect

Exceptions : Book titles, movies, cartoons, songs, etc. (ex: The Lion King Correct,  The Jungle Book Correct,  A Midsummer Night's Dream Correct,  etc.)

What if the article already exists?

Try to improve it !

If the article you want to create already exists, it doesn't matter ! You can modify it to complete it or try to improve it ! [-sMiLeY-]

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