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Hello ! My name is "Ecureuil" (it means "Squirrel" 🐿️ in french). It is not mi real name ! I am french and I contribue in Wikimini in french and Vikidia in french. I don't speak english very well and I sometimes make errors, I'm sorry. I decided to contribue in Wikimini in english when I saw that this encyclopedia is very inactive. I would like to improve this encyclopedia to help provide knowledge to the english childrens. I also would like to learn to speak English better by contributing.


I have 14 years old. I am a girl. I love the animals, the science, the biology, the litterature… I would like to be veterinarian and zoologist later on. I have a dog, a cat and two donkeys. I have a little brother, he have 10 years old.


The user Lulu324 is my friend.


  • Create a lot of articles
  • Create categories as in Wikimini in french
  • Create portals (as in Vikidia)
  • That all the links on my userpage are blue ! 😁
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