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You just discovered Wikimini and you have a lot questions? Here, you can learn everything you have to know before signing up.

What is Wikimini, exactly?

The Teacher Wikiboo answers the question.

Wikimini is an encyclopedia written by children and teenagers. Here, you can find definitions, explanations and illustrations about a lot of different subjects.

Wikimini is called a "collaborative online encyclopedia" because anyone can write and edit articles!. The people who write Wikimini are called Wikiminauts.

How can I participate to Wikimini ?

If you want to be a Wikiminaut — writing articles about subjects you're interested in, improving those that already exist, adding pictures, and participating to discussions — you first have to create an account.

This video explains how to create an account:

Who are these strange owls ?

These birds Wikiboo01 128x128.jpg you can see everywhere are Wikiboos. For example, there are the detective Wikiboo Wikiboo08 128x128.jpg to search for articles, the reporter Wikiboo Wikiboo06 128x128.jpg wich will help you writing articles, and many other Wikiboos that you will have the time to discover.

Are you ready ? Then just create your account.

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