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A creature from Greek MYTHOLOGY ? A football player from the Portugal team ? A river of your REGION ? A french RAP group ? A writer ? A profession ? A city ? A color ?, A video game ?

Your students have a lot to share...

THEY build Wikimini, with their knowledge, their studies, and their discoveries.

There are more than a million insects in the world that don't have an article on Wikimini yet. So, still no project ideas ?

Discover Wikimini

  1. About Wikimini
  2. Video presentation

Use Wikimini in the classroom


  • Integrate Wikimini in the classroom
  • Example of uses
  • Educational interests
  • ...


  • Presentation of Wikimini in the classroom
  • Creating accounts for the students
  • Reporting a scholar project
  • ...

Keeping track of the work

Keeping track of the work
  • Follow an article's evolution
  • Follow multiple articles at the same time
  • Follow a student's contributions
  • ...

Tools to help your students

Tools and documents to help your students
  • Documents for students
  • Documents for teachers
  • Lesson plans
  • ...

Technical aspects

Support the project

You like Wikimini?

  • Talk about it around you, to your students and your colleagues.
  • Discover how you can, as an adult and without your students, get concretely involved in the project : Help:Adults.

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